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The world changed for me on 1/20/17 or rather 11/9/16, and I really started soul searching. I had heard Reverend William Barber's "Heartbeat of Democracy" on TV at the DNC in July. I had followed the abusive rhetoric against women candidates for years.

I had seen Kay Hagen go up against Tillis in our State and seen 125M spent to win that seat, followed by DeVos' purchase of her seat for 200M. I had blogged, folks, take the 4.5M voters and the 125M spent and said it was $27 dollars per GOTV active voter to purchase a seat at the table. I had seen infighting on face book within my state party.

I live with gerrymandered districts and now over 7 years and 10M of litigation. I come from the land of HB2. "Hate Bill 2." I wondered why I ended up south of the Mason Dixon line, when I was young, I learned about the Civil War and pledged never to live "South of the Line" but here I am and I love North Carolina from edge to edge and every spot in between. I especially care about children, teachers and the investment in education that pays off in dividends of lower crime and higher standards of living for all. I will interrupt the school to prison pipeline. I will reunite families instead of tearing them apart. I will make sure that immigrants and refugees are treated with respect. I will not stand idly by while 50 years of social justice are rolled back.

I know a lot of politicians, and they are real people. They are friends, on FB and in person, and they have real thoughts and beliefs. Most of them care, on both sides of the aisle, about people. When 2/12/17 arrived, I went to the Moral Monday (HKonJ) March's 12th anniversary. I was at the front of the line with 100,000 people present. I listened to Reverend Barber give a much longer version of the Heartbeat speech, he gave the history of voting in the South, and he very simply said, "We have a moral duty." "Those who can stand, must."

I started thinking. Who am I to stand up? And I realized, I am a real person and people will understand my values. People will believe in me because I am just like them. Not rich, not famous, not pedigreed, just real.

I know what it is like to be in the public eye. I have been in an active divorce case over 10 years. I have been dragged through the mud and survived, like other women candidates. I am not blind, I am sure that Hillary's foundation may have had an impropriety, name one non-profit that is perfect. (See, eg, Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption). I have survived significant economic and medical hardships. I am a survivor. I decided, that in order to protect the many voices that have been raised in the Women's March, and in the peaceful resistance groups like Indivisible, that no time could be wasted. I had to step up, because I can. I can, therefor I must. It was a purposeful decision to seek public office. I have to let women (and men) in all 100 counties in NC know that "I'm with them," that we are united in purpose. That I am tough, I am persistent, I am a Bold Progressive, and that I am undaunted by a race where in 2014 over 125 Million dollars was spent fighting for the right to "be at the table." I will not back down.

We know the cost of seat at the table. We have Gorsuch and 45 and host of national cabinet members that despise the agencies they head up. Our Nation deserves better appointments. Finally, I was asked by a number of people, why not run for State seat or Congressional District? I refuse to be gerrymandered. I simply refuse to be in a stacked district.

Literally tomorrow (9/1/17), the 3 judge federal district panel will review the redrawn NC districts, drawn by the same folks who used the same consultant that was used in 2011 and ruled unconstitutional. So, the only race I am willing to fight fairly in, is for ALL the people.

If you google the "Heartbeat of Democracy" speech, the moment that changed everything for me is at 8:34 into the 11 minute speech. I will care "for the least of us" I will care about people that disagree with me, not leave them stranded without hope. We need to be fighting right now for 2018 and 2020. Right now.

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