Why I'm Running

Elect Eva Lee for Commissioner of Labor by voting March 3, 2020. I am ready to lead the North Carolina Department of Labor. The Mission of the Department of Labor is to protect wages, protect retirement income and ensure safe workplaces. Labor is work. It is time for those who do work to have a voice, the mission to create jobs must be balanced between employer and employee, and that is the mission I will accomplish. Work matters! For ourselves, our families and our loved ones, whether you own it or work for someone else, business is for profit. I am for people. Join me in rebuilding a Department that has lost sight of its mission and needs efficient, effective, productive leadership. Stand up. Organize. Join me now. Plan ahead to volunteer on the front lines of Democracy on 3/3/20 and 11/3/20. Volunteers are needed right now who are ready to make change. Join the force for good that elects Eva Lee to the Office of Commissioner of Labor. Then we all get busy #WorkBuildCreate together. No County left behind. No farmer left behind. No worker left behind.

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